we offer customised vestibular rehabilitation services

Everyone is different!

No two dizziness problems are the same, so every treatment program is tailored to you and your specific problem. But generally our approach is as described below.

Initial assessment

Your first appointment will involve an initial assessment by a physiotherapist experienced in the asessment and treatment of dizziness and balance problems (approx 90 minutes).

Individualised program

An individualised treatment program will then be developed to address specific goals.  Once you have agreed this with the physiotherapist, you will need to continue the exercises in your own home, until the next appointment.

Ongoing assessments

At subsequent appointments your physio will assess your progress and your exercises will be updated as appropriate (approx. 45 minutes per appointment).  The number of appointments will vary depending upon the individual and the problem being addressed and you will discuss this with your physiotherapist.

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Some extra resources if you would like to learn a bit more!

There is lots of information on the internet about dizziness and vestibular rehabilitation, but the two links below are more credible than most, so we suggest you start there.

Remember to consult your doctor, or a specialist like ourselves, before you do too much self-diagnosis!

vestibular rehabilitation is an effective treatment for common causes of dizziness