Coronavirus - let's get through this together.

The coronavirus pandemic is a major health challenge that faces us all.
Dizzy Day Clinics will continue to provide services to our patients for as long as it is safe for our staff, our patients and the broader public.

The Victorian Government is doing its best to protect us during this difficult time.

They have introduced a range of restrictions and guidelines for health practitioners and clinics such as ours.  We support and do our best to comply with these guidelines.  We have a Covid Safe Plan and have implemented a range of measures to keep us all safe.

What you need to do:

  • Stay away if you have symptoms, have tested positive, are waiting for a test result, or have been in contact with a known or suspected covid carrier.
  • Accept our suggestion of a telehealth appointment, if you do not need to come in to the clinic.
  • Wear a mask at all times
  • Sanitise your hands when you enter the clinic
  • Fill out the COVID 19 screening questionnaire (using the sanitised pens provided)
  • Respect our distancing measures and follow the instructions of our physiotherapists
  • If you are accompanying a patient we prefer that you stay outside if possible
  • Please be patient as we all try and get through this together

What we are doing:

  • Temperature checking all patients and visitors before entering the treatment area
  • Wearing a mask at all times and gloves/protective visor when required
  • Using hand santiser frequently
  • Wiping down equipment and changing linen between patients
  • Maintaining distancing measures (which sometimes means we have to talk a bit louder...)
  • Adjusting our work roster so that we have less physiotherapists and patients in the clinic at one time


NOTE: If you are suffering from severe or urgent dizziness symptoms, such as BPPV, please call us even if you have had coronavirus symptoms or contact.  We may still be able to help you, or direct you to a suitable emergency service.

Stay safe and help stop the spread!

We look forward to seeing you and can't wait until this is all over!